4 AC Maintenance Tips For First-Timers

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4 AC Maintenance Tips For First-Timers

Do you want to take care of your AC system? Here are some Ac maintenance tips for first-timers recommended by Daikin dealers in Dubai to keep it running smoothly. First, learn how to stay cool while inside your home. Drink cool drinks, stay on the house’s first floor, and keep your AC on low. Another way to stay cool is to run a fan. A fan does not use as much energy as an AC, so it’s worth using it regularly.

Cleaning condenser coils:

When cleaning the condenser coils of your air conditioning system, a few basic steps must be followed to ensure you do a good job. Avoid using any acidic cleaner to avoid causing any damage to the coils. These chemicals can cause corrosion which can shorten the life of the coils. In addition, they are not good for the environment.

Changing air filters:

Changing air filters is an important part of AC maintenance. Most air filters are disposed of in the trash after they have been used for several months. It is also important to change the filters regularly, especially if you live in a humid climate. The air filter should be replaced once every month, and if necessary, you can change it as frequently as every two weeks.

Insulating coolant pipes:

One of the easiest ways to maintain your AC unit is to inspect the coolant pipes for wear and tear proactively. Pipe insulation can naturally wear off with time, but if you notice a leak or substance buildup, you should replace the pipes with new ones. Fortunately, AC pipe insulation is relatively cheap and easy to install.

Cleaning condensate drain:

If you’re not too fond of performing AC maintenance, you can try cleaning the condensate drain. This process won’t take much time and will minimize problems in the future. To begin cleaning the drain, locate the drain line and seal it with a piece of duct tape. Next, use a wet/dry vacuum to remove any accumulated debris in the line.

Clean the condensate drain line to clear the path for water. This ensures that your cooling system will be running cleanly and efficiently. It is located near your outdoor unit. The pipe goes from the evaporator coil to a floor drain or a condensate pump. Follow the directions carefully and follow them closely. Don’t forget to tighten the pipe cap. Cleaning the condensate drain line is one of the simplest AC maintenance tasks.