September 27, 2023

Four Wedding Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks To Inspire You

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Four Wedding Flower Arrangement Tips & Tricks To Inspire You

Considering wedding flower arrangements? Here are some useful tips & tricks to inspire you: Budget-friendly arrangements, Non-traditional choices, Trendy colors, and in-season flowers. Which will you choose? Read on to find out! We’ve collected some of our favorites! Choose one of these ideas for your big day! You’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget to pin them to your wall! These flower arrangements will make a gorgeous impression on your big day.

Budget-friendly options:

While roses are the traditional flower of choice for most weddings, there are budget-friendly alternatives to consider. These inexpensive flowers will still make a beautiful statement. Carnations are an excellent choice for wedding flower arrangements because they last a long time and are available year-round. You can also use a variety of mums, including pompon buttons, daisies, and cushions, for a romantic and affordable look. While mums are typically associated with falls, you can use them all year.

Non-traditional options:

If you’re a traditional bride, you probably think about roses as your wedding flower. Roses are the most popular choice for weddings, as they symbolize love and beauty. However, roses are expensive, and you’ll probably want to use non-traditional wedding flower arrangement ideas instead. Instead of roses, you could use other flowers, such as twigs and foliage, which can be found all year. Aside from roses, you could even use pomanders and other fresh fruits and vegetables as your centerpieces.

Trendy colors:

In addition to traditional whites and ivory, brides are choosing trendy color palettes. These new trends include pastel shades and flowers with exotic hues. Orchids and poppies are among the most popular wedding flower options. Bleached foliage and foraged flowers are also popular choices. This is an excellent time to incorporate these new trends into your floral wedding arrangements. These beautiful flowers make your wedding decor look more unique and modern.

In-season flowers:

When planning your flower arrangements for your summer wedding, opt for in-season wedding flowers. Tropical blooms are a great way to tie in the summertime theme, but keep in mind that some flowers are only in season for a limited time. Sunflowers are an affordable option that blooms in July and is traditionally considered a symbol of good luck. The best time to purchase them is before the heatwaves hit.