What Is Fintech? A Guide For Uninformed People

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The term “fintech” refers to the technology and processes that have made financial services more accessible to people. The top fintech apps have reduced the time it takes to perform tasks that were once weeks, even months, in the past. For example, fintech platforms have made it possible to distribute stimulus funds more quickly than five years ago. Fintech has the potential to expand financial inclusion and fill in the ranks of the unbanked.


This article will look closely at the intersection of Blockchain and fintech. Blockchain is an emerging technology that can help companies conduct more secure, faster, and cheaper financial transactions. It’s also an excellent tool for identifying fraud and reducing financial costs. It’s a key part of the rapidly growing fintech sector.


If you are unaware of the concept of cryptos, you might be better off with a simple primer on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. While the concept of cryptocurrency is relatively new, it is already making waves in the financial world. Blockchain technology is the protocol for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Blockchain technology was first introduced in the early 1990s and is now the basis of the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Automated customer service:

The growth of Fintech solutions has made customer support a breeze, but it still falls short of the human touch that customers require. While email and Chatbots can solve many customer service issues, the most complicated ones still need a human touch. Fintech companies risk losing a large proportion of their customer base if they can’t handle complex customer issues. Luckily, some technologies are helping fintech companies make their customer support experience as human as possible.

Artificial intelligence:

A famous AI-powered company is planning to launch a system that enables financial institutions to detect money laundering activities. They will take a phased market approach and work with partners to distribute their applications. With the increasing demand for process automation, financial institutions are deploying AI technologies to unlock valuable information and automate manual processes. Blockchain and distributed ledger technology are also enhancing the adoption of AI in fintech. If you are into fintech apps, you must know these important things about this technology.