Use CPAP Machines and Bi-PAP Machines to Stop Sleep Apnea Now!

If you are like one of the 18 million people that suffer from sleep apnea then you know the discomfort that this condition can have on your life in general. It is not unusual for you to wake up several times a night because you may have stopped breathing for periods of 20-30 seconds at a time. Sleep apnea will lead you to have disturbed sleep all through the night. The good news is that millions of people are successfully treating sleep apnea with medical devices such as CPAP Machines that are designed to give you a better night’s sleep and reduce your sleep apnea events.

Sleep apnea is a condition where you stop breathing while you sleep, and if left untreated, could possibly cause more serious and even life threatening side effects. Excessive sleepiness during the day and heart failure are just a couple of the things that you will have to be careful of while dealing with this condition. Let’s face it; we spend a significant portion of our lives sleeping, it is important to make sure that we address any sleeping disorders with a sense of urgency.

CPAP Machines

CPAP machines or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Devices are designed to ensure that you have a constant flow of air going into your lungs. This machine is equipped with a compressor (about the size of a shoe box) and sleep mask that is usually worn over the nose while the person breathes through their mouth at night. Air delivered from the compressor and mask forces the “obstructed airway” to open up and gives the person the ability to breathe and sleep. CPAP Machines are typically used for people who are diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (the most prevalent form of sleep apnea).

It is worth noting that CPAP machines and sleep masks can be a little uncomfortable to use at first. It will take several days to weeks in order to get fully adjusted to using this device. This has forced makers of these devices to make improvements to the design and implement features to try and make them more comfortable. For most people using CPAP Machines, their key to compliance is finding a comfortable mask. CPAP Batteries

Bi-PAP Machines

The next device is called a Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure machine or Bi-PAP for short. Unlike its counterpart the CPAP, a Bi-PAP not only pushes air into the body, but, relieves the air pressure (via sensors) so that exhalation can occur more easily. Because of the extra sensors that regulate the air pressures, Bi-PAP machines are much more expensive than there cousin the CPAP machine, but the level of relief is greater and more effective for those that have difficulty exhaling. Typically, Bi-PAP machines are used for people who suffer from the Neurological condition called Central Sleep Apnea (which is fairly rare).

Paying Sources, the Rx, and Sleep Study

The good news is that most major insurance companies and Medicare will pay for the cost of CPAP machines and Bi-PAP’s. However, they do require a prescription from your doctor and extensive pre-testing in order to qualify for their use. In fact, such testing typically involves a two night Sleep Study test that is performed at a Sleep Lab in order to determine the official diagnosis of sleep apnea.

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